We are a modern, innovative software company, based in Rijeka, Croatia. On a dynamic market of information technology, we appear as competent and qualitative partner capable to deal with different kind of demands, that are set by the modern business in the IT sector. The company is oriented on planning and developing software applications, especially in the area of electronic payment, banking and commercial systems.

And we don’t stop there. We are also fulfilling customer demands from planning through evaluation and maintenance of projects, whether we begin a project or just take over. Our customers and partners confirm the high quality of our work.

Our staff consists from responsible and educated professionals, with many years of experience in planning and developing applications in various fields. Our knowledge and skills cover wide range, from programming and developing system and applicable software, to project managers. One of characteristics of our personnel is constant learning and expansion of the existing knowledge, so they can constantly add new values to products and services, ensuring a competitive edge.